On episode 81 of the Red River Horror podcast, Joe and Eddie talk about a familiar Amityville tale with a new twist, stemming from a story from back in the 1990s.  June 2022 is also chock full of some great looking horror films -- one that must be seen in theaters, one a Shudder Exclusive unlike anything we've ever seen before.  In news, the RRH team provides an update on UAPs (UFOs), VHS tapes and what might be the final Salem Witch trial. 

The weather is heating up, so it's time for some seaside terror!  Joe and Eddie talk about some of their favorite fictional (and non-fictional) tales involving the sea.  Grab your scuba gear and get ready for some ghosts, sharks and the abyss.  

Red River Horror podcast host Joe Zakrzewski knows how to internets.  RRH founder Eddie Caiazzo?  Not so much.  In episode 79, Joe Z. shares some Two Sentence Horror stories from Reddit, Eddie reacts.

Eddie always asks Joe to put together a list of scary moments in super hero movies.  To this day there are still none on the Red River Horror website.  Does scary exist in the MCU or DC Universe?  Find out in episode 78 of the Red River Horror podcast.

The more you stream, the more you find great horror!  On this Red River Horror podcast, Joe and Eddie find some surprisingly good offerings from Paramount+.  There are brand new A-list level horror series' continuations, and a large amount of the classics.  There's even a new Paranormal Activity film out there you might have otherwise missed.

Get ready for Paramount PLUS Horror!



Since the beginning of the Red River Horror podcast, Joe and Eddie have been trying to add the video element.  Accompanying this podcast will be a video of all the action you're listening to in this episode on the RRH YouTube Channel.  They cover the best (and worst) unmasking moments in the Halloween franchise, and watch the remaining two films in Nick Kush's March 2022 Horror Preview on the site.  Enjoy the first UNMASKED Red River Horror podcast!

Joe and Eddie took some time off...but, have no fear.  The return of the RRH podcast means that "they're here" with you this week, and will be on pod and on VIDEO next week.  Thanks for tuning in!

Are YOU going to watch the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre?  Joe and Eddie play "Watch It/Don't Watch It" with the new TCM and some other horror flicks that will be released in the month of February.  "Watch It/ Don't Watch It" will be a new segment on the podcast, and we kick it off with the perfect movie.

It's part two of two in Red River Horror's series highlighting The Second Age of Aquarius, and Darren Smith (Repo! The Genetic Opera) was kind enough to talk about the new flick -- and so much more.  Smith co-wrote the film AND wrote the soundtrack.

Do you believe it's taken more than two years for Joe and Eddie to interview the Philly Chick herself -- Brooke Lewis Bellas?  Well...it was worth the wait. Lewis, the Scream Queen from Philly also known to some as Ms. Vampy, provides a deep frontline perspective into the business of making movies, while also promoting her latest role as Tawny Stevens in the forthcoming film The Second Age of AquariusAquarius starts streaming on all of your favorite platforms on February 11, 2022.


This episode is dedicated to Don Wilson, co-founder and rhythm guitarist of The Ventures, who passed away on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

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