It's part two of two in Red River Horror's series highlighting The Second Age of Aquarius, and Darren Smith (Repo! The Genetic Opera) was kind enough to talk about the new flick -- and so much more.  Smith co-wrote the film AND wrote the soundtrack.

Do you believe it's taken more than two years for Joe and Eddie to interview the Philly Chick herself -- Brooke Lewis Bellas?  Well...it was worth the wait. Lewis, the Scream Queen from Philly also known to some as Ms. Vampy, provides a deep frontline perspective into the business of making movies, while also promoting her latest role as Tawny Stevens in the forthcoming film The Second Age of AquariusAquarius starts streaming on all of your favorite platforms on February 11, 2022.


This episode is dedicated to Don Wilson, co-founder and rhythm guitarist of The Ventures, who passed away on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

Scream 5 (simply titled Scream) is the franchise's return to the big screen.  This latest installment  is the first film in the series without horror legend Wes Craven in the director's chair and that prompts Joe and Eddie to explain what Ghost Face, Sidney and the gang mean to them.  Is SCREAM perhaps the best franchise in the slasher subgenre of horror?

What does SCREAM mean to you?

While 2021 provided some wonderful scares, it's onward to 2022!  Movie theaters are open again, and while Candyman, Jigsaw, Michael Myers, Godzilla and Kong had their first-run streaming debuts last year, Ghost Face will make her (or his) return to the big screen this year!


Let the new year of horror BEGIN!

Merry Christmas!  Joe and Eddie talk about some scary (and not so scary) horror flicks surrounding the holiday season.

The Red River Horror team are all HUGE fans of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters.  With a so/so sequel that Gen X hates, a 2016 reboot that most everyone (except for kids) hates -- how does Ghostbusters: Afterlife fare?  Joe and Eddie share their thoughts.

Red River Horror's Joe Z. and Eddie C...did not like Halloween Kills.  But, that's OK!  They've given it more than a month to marinate before sharing their thoughts publicly.  While many Halloween fans enjoyed Kills, episode 67 of the RRH podcast roasts the latest installment of the franchise. 

There's a new type of haunted attraction, and it can be found right in Red River Horror's home city of Philadelphia, PA.  RRH podcast host Joe Zakrzewski (@RedRiverJoe) got to experience it -- all alone...in a secret location right here in the City of Brotherly Love.  Welcome to Joe's tale of Spektra Pulse's UNRAVEL; an immersive horror experience.

The Audio-streams continue down the Channels of Fear as Eddie Caiazzo catches up with with audiobook narrator Jennifer Knighton on her latest release Rock & Roll Nightmares: Along Comes Scary: '60s Edition Short Stories.  Why is Eddie's favorite number 27 so important?  Find out in the music, humor and horror from musical horror tales set in the 1960s!

Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo speak frequently about music on the Red River Horror podcast.  This week, they enlist the help of Melissa Caiazzo to formulate the perfect song selection for spooky season.  But, this isn't your typical Halloween playlist.  This episode gets into songs ranging from Halloween radio classics, movie themes and soundtracks, genre artists and much more.

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